Sunset Solos

A monthly solo performance series Curated & produced by Jeremy Greco

Sunday, May 19 – 7 PM - 9 PM (Doors 6:45 PM)

Amidst the closure of many small theaters in San Francisco, Sunset Solos advocates for thinking "outside the box" when workshopping solo performance pieces, challenging the notion that theater is confined to traditional venues.


Join us for the fifth Sunset Solos with performances by David Jacobson, Marion Lovinger, and Erin Souza. If you'd like to learn more about this exciting series and its creator Jeremy Greco, or are interested in performing, please visit the Sunset Solos website.

This months performers:

David Jacobson

Title: “Murder on the Mission to Mars!” 


Synopsis: The year is 2042. Kepler RV Industries, which sells self-flying recreational vehicles, is sponsoring the first mission to Mars helmed by six civilian senior citizens. But en route to the Red Planet things go homicidally awry, leaving the Medicare-eligible crew to solve a locked-room whodunit... before they become the next victims.


Bio: A former newspaper reporter, science writer, and free-range ant farmer, David Jacobson has been making solo pieces since before iPhones gave everyone neck issues. He's performed myriad times at The Marsh, StageWerx (R.I.P.), and Oakland's fabled High Dive. His shows "Theme Park" and "Dog's Misery Swamp," directed by Mark Kenward and developed with Charlie Varon, went to a bunch of Fringe Festivals. He's now somehow based in Portland, Oregon but left several of his vital organs in a safe deposit box in S.F.

Marion Lovinger 

Title: “How to Change a Changeling”

Synopsis: How do you become a changeling? A substitute. A fraud. A bad child that does not fulfill her mother's expectations. Who replaced the real child, the good one.When you are a fairy tale character, you have to embark on an imaginary quest.Will there be a happy ending? Can you change a changeling?

Bio: Marion Lovinger started writing solos 10 years ago, developing them with David Ford. She performed many times at the Marsh or Stage Werx.Trying to make sense of memories and experiences with humour and critical hindsight proved to be the most enlightening journey that can be. She feels blessed to be able to perform in this new place with her new piece.

Learn more about Marion on YouTube 

Erin Souza

Title: "A Cookie-Lypse Now"
Synopsis: Retired Girl Scout Katie Kurtz recalls the final cookie sale of 1972 in a suburban adventure inspired by classic Viet Nam War movies. 

Bio: Erin Souza is a San Francisco based writer, performer, improviser, and former (possibly future) stand-up comic. 

Learn more about Erin onInstagram