«Summer In The Sunset» Collection

Yoko OK

Yoko O.K. is a fourth-generation American artist, musician, zinemaker and video editor of Japanese and Filipino descent. Born and raised in NYC, she grew up drawing and making comics, before switching her creative focus to music for about 15 years. In 2018, a handful of years after relocating to the Bay Area, she began drawing every day as a way to reconnect to her visual storytelling skills. She did it every day for four years, and may pick it up again at some point.

Lately she has been focusing on printmaking and putting together an anthology of her zine series Plica Fimbriata, and freelancing as an illustrator, video/audio editor, motion graphics artist and social media strategist for organizations such as SF Urban Film Fest, Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimages, SOMA West Community Benefit District and ABO Comix.

Find out more about Yoko OK on her website and Instagram