Hacienograph Presents: 

Ambient Exploration & Visuals

A Journey Through Sound and Sight

Hosted monthly by Sycamore Willow & Christopher Fantasy

Friday, May 31 / 7:30 PM


Immerse Yourself in Serenity: Join us for a monthly series where music and visuals blend to create a tranquil oasis. Let soothing ambient melodies and captivating live visuals guide you to a state of relaxation and presence. This is your chance to let your thoughts drift, to decompress, and to be in the moment.  


Comfort is Key: Bring a pillow. Heck, bring a blanket if you like to make your experience as cozy as possible.  


A Slow-Paced Sensory Experience: Each month, our artists envelop you in a slow-moving, sensory-rich environment. It's the perfect antidote to a hectic world that constantly demands and scatters your attention.


This event is free with RSVP.  If you enjoy our programming, we warmly invite you to play an active role in keeping our doors open by joining Sealevel Kin and pledging a monthly contribution. Your support helps offset monthly expenses and comes with perks! LEARN MORE HERE!  

About Sycamore Willow: Jason Gonzales makes music as Sycamore Willow. His music ranges from light and dreamy to driving and energetic. He loves making music in ways that use thrift store finds and older technology. You can find his music and his process videos here:

YouTube   Bandcamp   Instagram   Spotify


About Christopher Fantasy: A synthesist and electronic music producer based in Northern California, Christopher Fantasy creates evocative electronic music, ranging from rich, melodic ambient pieces to atmospheric, leftfield techno. In the early 2000s he began playing keyboards and touring with the synth pop band, Soviet, a key element of the electroclash movement based in New York City. When the band dissolved in 2005, he abandoned music completely and established himself as a foreign journalist and editor in Southeast Asia. 


Returning to the States in 2011, Chris relocated to San Francisco and began making music again under his own name, newly energized by the possibilities of modular synthesizers and laptop-based tools. He has since released music with Constellation Tatsu, Ambientologist, Deep Electronics, and Brushed EvergreenLabs.

Website   Instagram   Spotify