Sunset Solos

A monthly solo performance series curated & produced by Jeremy Greco

Sunday, January 21st  / 7 PM - 9 PM (Doors 6:30pm)

With numerous small theaters closing throughout San Francisco, it is essential to look “outside the box” in workshopping solo performance pieces. Sunset Solos believes that theater can take place beyond the traditional venues.

Join us for the debut of Sunset Solos with performances by Scott Cohen, Theresa Donahoe, and Bennet Caffee. If you'd like to learn more about this exciting series and its creator Jeremy Greco, or are interested in performing, please visit the Sunset Solos website.

This performance is free with RSVP. Please consider a contribution to support this gathering & future events at Sealevel. You will have the opportunity to contribute during the RSVP process. Thank you!

Scott Cohen

Colorful Grandparents and Black & White Television 

Grandparents and television played a significant role in Scott’s childhood development. In this unapologetically nostalgic piece, he revisits memories from days gone by. Although Scott thinks he is just a narrator telling funny stories from long ago, he discovers that the border separating the past from the present is not so clearly marked. 

Theresa Donahoe

All the Great New Things to Come

A show about being a fourth-generation SF Bay Area native.

Bennet Caffee

The Catacombs

(an excerpt from “Orange you glad to be in Miami”) When twenty-one year old Bennet Caffee is admitted to a psych ward they have his name wrong as Dayle Bennet and he’s sure it’s a sign. From now on he’s just “Bennet” and he knows why he’s there. He just can’t talk about it.