Invisible Struggles: Visible Hope

Solidarity and creative coping with Sarah McCarthy Grimm & Jeana Loraine


Saturday, April 27 – 10:30 AM - 12 PM

This support-circle is free with RSVP

We are building a nonjudgmental circle of support that helps us find new creative outlets. There are no requirements: what we refer to as “invisible struggle” can range from chronic pain to autoimmunity to divorce to grief to a loved one going missing, and so on. We decided to co-host this circle because we are each personally going through this in different ways and it can be nice to come together with the explicit intention of holding space for the ambiguous pain. 

The 90 minutes will unfold as follows: we’ll start with a verbal nondisclosure agreement to seal the space in confidentiality, and then we’ll introduce ourselves and share what brought us to the circle. Active listening will allow us to hold each other’s stories before we do a short contemplative exercise. We’ll end by collaborating on a painting using the hand-press monoprint technique that Sarah has developed as a way to imprint nourishing thoughts into psyche while transforming draining ones into artwork.

Please join us! Space is limited, so please sign up with the link below. 


Sarah McCarthy Grimm is an interdisciplinary artist who has lived in San Francisco since 2014 and in the Outer Sunset since 2017. Her core intention is to reinforce the interconnection within humanity and between humankind, the ocean and the cosmos. She is most informed by coastal landscapes, over a decade of psycho-spiritual inquiry, and the dance between abstract expressionism and minimalism. Her primary media are painting, printmaking, photography, writing, and participatory projects. 

Learn more about Sarah on her website and instagram.


Jeana Loraine is an artist and community builder in the Outer Sunset. Inspired by her neighborhood, her illustrations are often nautically themed with a hint of melancholy. On evenings and weekends her Studio "Sealevel" transforms into a vibrant community space, where all are invited to come together, exchange ideas, share skills and resources, and express their creativity in an inclusive environment. 

Learn more about Jeana on her website and instagram.