Miniature Sunset Houses

A Watercolor Workshop with Baptiste Benet

Tuesday, April 23 / 7 PM - 9 PM

$50 for the class, material included if you need some, read more below.

This class is focused on drawing houses from our beloved neighborhood. Baptiste will provide you with pictures of his favorite houses in the Outer Sunset, guide you as you draw them on relatively small paper (4x6 inches), and paint them using watercolor. Beginners will learn drawing basics, color mixing, and how to paint with watercolor. All levels welcome! 

Material list:

- Watercolor paper

- Pencil 2B or Micron size 2

- Brush size 4 or 6

- Watercolor set

- Palette for mixing colors

- Water cup


When signing up, beginners can ask to have material provided. Baptiste will lend you brushes, pencils, and will give you some colors to use during the class. 

About Baptiste: I started painting in 2017, and my favorite subjects are European and Californian landscapes, as well as San Francisco houses. You can find my work in a few friends' houses around the world, or more recently at Black Bird where I sell hand made postcards that depict any inspiration I have at the moment: houses, vegetables, landscapes, animals.


Please email Baptiste with questions, he'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!