An immersive visual musical experience

Saturday, February 24

Composers and performers Sami Freeman and Mia Pixley showcase their latest immersive visual musical projects: "Sound of the Reef: Coral Enneagrams" by Mia Pixley and "Space Bath" by Sami Freeman. With their unique creations, both artists will guide you on a captivating journey of imagination, both inward and outward. The experience invites exploration into the essence of individual existence while highlighting the undeniable interconnectedness of all things.

6 PM Show

8 PM Show

Sami Freeman

Sami Freeman creates colorful and evocative worlds through sound. She is a singer, pianist and composer based out of San Francisco that gravitates toward emotive music grounded in strings, piano and bass. Sami scored the documentary ‘Re-entrification in 2022’ and several short films premiering at film festivals. She is an avid water woman, a salsa dancer, and passionate about bringing together artists in the community. 

Find out more about Sami on her website and on instagram

Mia Pixley

Mia Pixley, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, composer, performer, and conservationist exploring the resonance between self, other, the natural world, and the underworld. Her music creates lush ethereal landscapes that reach for a seldom visited, always-there place. Mia has performed on GRAMMY award winning records, collaborates regularly with museums and art centers, and thoroughly enjoys out-there, wackadoo interdisciplinary collaborations.

Find out more about Mia on her website