Sea Urchin Dyeing

With Seelie Studio

Saturday, June 15 / 12 PM - 3 PM

$148 All materials included

Join us for the unforgettable experience of making natural dye from purple sea urchins. Artist Margaret Seelie will share how to combine ancient Polynesian dye practices and chemistry to create a salmon pink dye. You’ll dye a silk pillowcase and other goodies and then use water marbling techniques to add swirls of monochromatic color. 


Your attendance is helping to thin the overpopulation of purple urchins and restore California kelp forests, so thank you.

About Seelie Studio: At Seelie Studio, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to bring you high-quality products that are made to last (and stay out of the landfill). Our workshops are designed to support you in finding, or expanding, your creative practice by connecting to nature.


The foundations of our natural dye house are: 


Sustainability – One key aspect of sustainable fashion is the use of natural dyes instead of synthetic ones. Natural dyes are derived from mother nature and they offer a multitude of colors without the harmful chemicals found in synthetic dyes. We prioritize the use of natural fibers like organic cotton, silk, wool, and linen instead of synthetic materials like polyester or nylon. These natural fibers are biodegradable and have a lower carbon footprint. What sets us apart from other sustainable brands are our urchin dyed offerings and our Don’t Buy New campaign.


Community – Collaboration and creating spaces for underrepresented, under-recognized, and marginalized communities has always been a mainstay of the Seelie brand, starting with Seawitches Zine. Our commitment continues by offering classes and scholarships for communities and individuals that lack access to creative resources. Because many of our color recipes come from ancient Indigenous communities, we aim to empower local native tribes with knowledge. 


Color Magic – With a passion for mystical color psychology, our natural dye house is about both aesthetics and healing. The impact that color has on our thoughts and emotions led to practices that have endured for centuries. For instance, in ancient Egypt patients would be prescribed to bathe in a specific color to heal ailments from bad digestion to depression. Today, we empower you with mystical color magic.


Joy – Life is short! We inspire joy in all we do.


Please email Seelie Studio with questions.