Simplifying Street Scenes

A Watercolor Workshop with Alice Tu

Tuesday, July 23 / 7 - 8:30 PM

$40 class, or $55 for class + materials

Urban environments are inspiring subjects to paint with the defining shapes of buildings, the perspective streets lend, the looser forms from plants, and the weather or time of day to set the scene! But it can feel challenging when starting a piece to know where to start with all the elements combined. 


In this class, Alice will break down a street scene into several steps following the principles of painting large continuous shapes rather than individual details, and layering paint from light to dark to create depth. She’ll also provide a few sample reference photos and paintings for you to view and paint from. 

Please bring the following materials:

• Watercolor brush - size 6 or 8

• Watercolor paint set 

• Palette for mixing paints - a white plate works well

• Water container - an empty jar works well

• A cloth rag or paper towel

• Watercolor paper - 2-3 sheets, size 4x6, 5x7, or notebook

• A street photo (from a neighborhood or a walk) to use as reference. 

   Or you can use some photo references I will share. 

• Pencil + eraser


About Alice: I started painting in watercolor as a casual way to capture my environment visually. I love how portable and low-fuss they are which helps me to paint most days. I love introducing watercolor to others and see them quickly get lost in the act of creating. You can view some of my work on my website


Please email Alice with any questions!