Sunset Solos

A monthly solo performance series curated & produced by Jeremy Greco

Sunday, January 25  / 7 PM - 9 PM (Doors 6:45pm)

Amidst the closure of many small theaters in San Francisco, Sunset Solos advocates for thinking "outside the box" when workshopping solo performance pieces, challenging the notion that theater is confined to traditional venues.


Join us for the second Sunset Solos with performances by Lisa Rothman, Lee Archer, and Ron Jones. If you'd like to learn more about this exciting series and its creator Jeremy Greco, or are interested in performing, please visit the Sunset Solos website.

This months performers:

Lisa Rothman

Title: “Chess Mom” 


Synopsis: When Lisa takes her 10- year-old son Ezra to his first chess tournament, she thinks she’ll hang out in someone’s living room for an hour and hug him when he loses. Instead it turns out to be the Chess Olympics. To her great surprise, Ezra wins his first two matches. Is he the next Bobby Fisher?


Bio: Lisa’s critically acclaimed, sold out shows include Date Night at Pet Emergency and WFH:WTF, a pandemic farce about how her husband put his work-from-home desk in the hallway, right in front of the bathroom door. She also speaks about preventing and repairing conflicts with kids.

Find out more about Lisa on her website.

Lee Archer

Title: “I am trying to think of some way to make the title shorter because this one is way too long I think we can all agree.”

Synopsis: Lee Archer will be materializing a hefty portion of his humorous spoken word solo show which weaves together true moments from Lee Archer’s life — moments of insight, moments of upset, moments of mystery — transporting us to a place where questions no longer need answers, where things only seem obvious, where we join together facing the same direction in an illuminated space. In a word, blurtnubble. People in Vancouver, Montreal, San Francisco, and Chicago have laughed a lot, and you might too. One person very kindly called this show “A Gift!” Other people have laughed so hard they involuntarily snorted. Lee Archer welcomes your opinion on which was the higher compliment.

Bio: Lee Archer is a work-in-progress and spoken word performer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lee Archer has brought earlier versions of this show to several Fringe Festivals in his small carry-on bag stowed neatly under his seat, none being the wiser, the important thing being to make sure it had a good long walk right before the airport, but even then it got dicey mid-flight. 

Find out more about Lee on his website and instagram.

Ron Jones

Title: A story about Birds and a Short Poem 

Bio: Ron grew up in the Sunset 46th avenue @ Kirkham attending Francis Scott Key , Giannini, and Lincoln H.S. Three of his stories The Acorn People, The Wave, and B-Ball have been made into television specials garnering an Emmy, Golden Globe, and Peabody for their producers.Recently Ron has taken the stage as spoken word artist. Solo shows include Buddha Blues, Say Ray, and When God Winked. Last year he produced his first CD, Soulful Blessing as a unique blend of poetry and jazz.

Find out more about Ron on his website.