Sunset Solos

A monthly solo performance series Curated & produced by Jeremy Greco

Sunday, March 24 – 7 PM - 9 PM (Doors 6:45 PM)

Amidst the closure of many small theaters in San Francisco, Sunset Solos advocates for thinking "outside the box" when workshopping solo performance pieces, challenging the notion that theater is confined to traditional venues.


Join us for the third Sunset Solos with performances by Kenny Yun, Anthony Michael Jefferson, and Lluis Valls. If you'd like to learn more about this exciting series and its creator Jeremy Greco, or are interested in performing, please visit the Sunset Solos website.

This months performers:

Kenny Yun

Title: “Love You Long Time” 


Synopsis: Kenny plays with the absurdities of identity politics and reveals the horrors of racial scapegoating since the pandemic.


Bio: Kenny Yun is an experimental solo theatre artist. He taught solo workshops at The Marsh with Charlie Varon for a decade. His full length shows have run at The Marsh. He was a Director in Residence at Stage Werx theater where he was also the ongoing coach for Solo Sundays. Kenny has a background in classical and modern theater.

Find out more about Kenny on his website.

Anthony Michael Jefferson

Title: “The Bumpy Road Less Traveled”

Synopsis: The Bumpy Road Less Traveled, is drawn from AJ’s experiences over the 23 years he was incarcerated in Soledad State Prison (officially known as “Correctional Training Facility”)–and the road he traveled to and from that prison cell. 

Bio: Anthony Michael Jefferson (“AJ”) is a returned citizen, paroled from Soledad in 2015 after 23 years inside the California State Prison. An actor and writer, AJ has participated in TheatreWorkers Project (TWP) programs since 2021. He was a featured lead actor in TWP’s Further Shores, a filmed performance collage created during the Covid pandemic, which was inspired by a poem he wrote. AJ was also a lead actor in The Box, a dynamic traveling legislative theatre production about solitary confinement, which toured the United States in 2022. Beyond his work as an actor and a writer, while inside, AJ assisted ESL students with forms, facilitated NA and AA, supported pre-parole groups, and taught creative writing workshops. Upon his parole, AJ enrolled in the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, where he graduated with honors. 

Lluis Valls

Title: Teddy the tap dancing turtle's travel travails 
Synopsis: An examination of how we make our way thru the world, with music

Bio: Lluis Valls is a theatre maker based in San Francisco. He is a founding member of the international English language noh Theatre Nohgaku (2001), as well as a Company member of SF's Theatre of Yugen since 1993. He also co-founded Clowns on a Stick (2002). Lluis has performed throughout the world, from Tokyo and Beijing, to Paris and London. Since 2013 he has been an owner-worker of Other Avenues.