Sunset Solos

A monthly solo performance series Curated & produced by Jeremy Greco


Sunday, April 21 – 7 PM - 9 PM (Doors 6:45 PM)

Amidst the closure of many small theaters in San Francisco, Sunset Solos advocates for thinking "outside the box" when workshopping solo performance pieces, challenging the notion that theater is confined to traditional venues.


Join us for the third Sunset Solos with performances by Steve Budd, Laura Jane Bailey and Christy Hartman. If you'd like to learn more about this exciting series and its creator Jeremy Greco, or are interested in performing, please visit the Sunset Solos website.

This months performers:

Steve Budd

Title: “Seeing Stars” 


Synopsis: At 31, Steve moves back in with his parents. He's always wished his father were different. Less distant. Less gruff. Less critical. More alive. More engaged. Easier to connect with. But when his dad transforms before his very eyes, Steve is in for the ride of a lifetime. “Seeing Stars” is a heartfelt and hilarious exploration of family dysfunction, mental illness, and a son’s desire to connect with his dad.


Bio: Steve Budd is an actor, writer, storyteller, stand-up comic, and solo performer. He has created three solo shows, two of which, "What They Said About Love" and "What They Said About Sex," were created from interviews. Steve has performed with a number of Bay Area theaters, including the San Francisco Playhouse, Marin Shakespeare, Custom Made, New Conservatory, and Central Works. His solo show "Seeing Stars" will run at The Marsh in Berkeley this spring and summer.

Learn more about Steve on instagram

Laura Jane Bailey

Title: “Super Secret Super Power”

Synopsis: The origin story of how one average, ordinary girl realizes she has a mind-blowing new power. What an unbelievable gift! Or is it? Learning to live with the super secret forces her to deal with the big, weighty issues of life - sex, violence and margaritas. 

Bio: Laura Jane Bailey is a Bay Area actress, originally from Chicago. Bay Area productions include: THE ROOMMATE at Capital Stage in Sacramento LUNA GALE and MUD, BLUE, SKY at Aurora Theatre, CRIMES OF THE HEART at Theatreworks, EQUUS at Boxcar Theater, MAN OF LA ANCHA at SFPLayhouse and FICTION, LES LIAISON DANGEREUSES, BAD DATES & SMELL OF THE KILL at Dragon Productions Theatre. Chicago credits include THE CIDER HOUSE RULES, TATTOO GIRL, RAISED IN CAPTIVITY and I AM YOURS. LJ is also a solo artist and will be performing her award winning solo play THE PARIS EFFECT at Marin Shakespeare this May and her new work SUPER SECRET SUPER POWER at a fringe festival near you! 

Learn more about Laura Jane on her website

Christy Hartman

Title: "Wolf Teeth: Guide to Sustainable Investing"
Synopsis: I spent a year processing my relationship with money. The stories that emerged surprised me. These were stories about fear, pain and isolation. And there were other types of stories that wanted out, stories that made me hesitate, "What does this have to do with sustainable investing?" Sensual stories. Stories about hunting, about blood, scent, fallen pears and family. Often, Wolf shows up, sometimes Raven and Deer. There is howling, paw-licking, tears, mountaintops and sex. Over that year, my inquiry changed into a different question: "What is wealth, really?" My heart opened in possibility when I pivoted from thinking about the stock market to thinking about community, relationships, diversity and power.  

Bio: Christy Hartman is a queer white woman who splits her time between the Bay and the Allegheny Plateau region of West Virginia. She received a masters in Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities and holds a certificate in writing from the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Christy manages an art program for clinical students called Medicine and the Muse, and was a senior producer for the State of the Human podcast for a decade, coaching students in storytelling craft. Her essays have been published in About Place journal, Souvenir Lit journal, the Stanford Daily, and in the book, Aftermath: Explorations of Loss & Grief.