Holiday Art Market

Sunday, December 10  /  1 PM - 5 PM

Swing by Sealevel on Sunday, December 10, from 1 to 5 pm, for our third annual Holiday Art Market. Grab a drink and mingle in good company, while browsing our current collection of Sealevel prints!

We’d love to see you and your friends & family too, so come celebrate with us and maybe even check a few gifts off your list. Talented guest artists Lorie Lee, Jay Murallon, Matt Scanlan, and Chloe Roth will be joining us. You can read more about them and their offerings below. And while you're at it, why not make it a day of supporting Outer Sunset small businesses? There's an abundance of amazing shops and eateries out here by the beach! 💙⚓️

Lorie Lee

Lorie Lee is a passionate photographer whose artistry transcends the ordinary. Born from a relentless curiosity about the world and a keen eye for detail, Lorie's photography is an exploration of the beauty inherent in the mundane.

Find out more about Lorie on her Instagram

Jay Murallon

Jay, a photographer based in the Outer Sunset of San Francisco, finds inspiration in the rich history of the neighborhood and Ocean Beach. Recognizing the perpetual changes, he aspires to contribute to its history by capturing the essence of the community and photographing life as it unfolds around him.

Find out more about Jay on his website & Instagram

Matt Scanlan

Matt is a sunset based furniture maker and woodworker whose passion is functional beauty. His goal with every finished product is to find the most beautiful hunk of tree for the job and to shape it into a dependable companion that will age gracefully through daily use. He wants the wood to sing on its own, but adds small details that make it a tactile joy to run your hands over. 

Find out more about Matt on his website & Instagram

Chloe Roth

Troubled by the proliferation of what the SF Chronicle terms “gentrification grey", Chloe Roth created her Outer Sunset series to memorialize the seaside neighborhood before it loses all its color. In protest to the trend of repainting the historically sherbet-colored row houses grey, her work celebrates the vibrant hues that cut through the perennial fog. The series incorporates orthographic drawings, watercolors, collages, cross-stitch, and bead embroidery. Head over to her website to order prints for pickup at the Sealevel Holiday Market.

Find out more about Chloe on her website & Instagram