Sunset Solos

A monthly solo performance series Curated & produced by Jeremy Greco

Sunday, June 23 – 7 PM - 9 PM (Doors 6:45 PM)

Amidst the closure of many small theaters in San Francisco, Sunset Solos advocates for thinking "outside the box" when workshopping solo performance pieces, challenging the notion that theater is confined to traditional venues.


Join us for the sixth Sunset Solos with performances by Abbey Glover, Bennet Caffee, and Theresa Donahoe. If you'd like to learn more about this exciting series and its creator Jeremy Greco, or are interested in performing, please visit the Sunset Solos website.

This months performers:

Abbey Glover

Title: “A Work In Progress” 


Synopsis: In a society that rewards striving and achieving, an insecure perfectionist doesn’t know when to stop. When to say enough is enough. Abbey's relentless desire for more - more money, more power, more security, more prestige - becomes a suffocating trap that forces her to grapple with her insecurities and the consequences of her ambition.


Bio: Abbey Glover is a San Francisco-based writer, storyteller, and solo performer. Her work is anchored in a desire to say the things that she thinks and feels but has been scared to say out loud for fear of shame, embarrassment, or rejection. She premiered her debut solo show, "Abbey's Box", at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland to critical acclaim, including earning four stars from The Scotsman and Broadway World and an OffFest nomination.


Learn more about Abbey on her website and instagram  

Bennet Caffee

Title: “Orange you glad to be in Miami?" (an excerpt )

Synopsis: After being stuck in a psychiatric hospital for over a month, twenty-one year old Bennet discovers the secret for being discharged. It’s okay to think you’re the New Messiah - you just can't talk about it.

Bio: Bennet Caffee began telling stories at the Marsh theater after accepting treatment for bipolar disorder. At first sharing “fun” stories about his manic episodes and later revealing the darker side of his experiences as well which he developed into “My First Miracle - adventures in bipolar disorder” a full length show which he has performed at numerous Fringe Festivals around the country. Currently he has been performing his new show “Orange you glad to be in Miami?” which premiered last August at the Nanaimo Fringe Festival in Canada.

Theresa Donahoe

Title: "All the Great New Things to Come" (excerpt)
Synopsis: A story about being a fourth-generation SF Bay Area native.

Bio: Theresa Donahoe is an actor who mainly performed in theatre in her youth. Deciding to take a break from the stage, she started working in movies (such as SCREAM and RENT) while working in television and movie casting for many years as well. After a 17-year hiatus, she returned to theatre and decided to merge her love for writing with her love for acting. Once she discovered the art form of solo performance, she created two full length solo shows. “Late Bloomer” premiered at the 2017 Rogue Fringe Festival and “Born Again in Berkeley”, is currently being performed at various venues. “All the Great New Things to Come” is her latest work-in-progress.

Learn more about Theresa on her website and instagram